How To Verify USA AdSense Tax Info Free

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A Complete Guide On How To Verify USA AdSense Tax Info Free.
Obalola Temidayo  

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Google AdSense is a revenue sharing program that allows publishers get paid for showing or displaying adverts from Google adword customers on their website or blog. In other words, AdSense is an online platform designed by Google to enable website owners or bloggers earn money from their blog or sites by displaying Google live ads and when been clicked.

If you want to start earning from Google AdSense, you must have gotten an AdSense account approved fully without further approval. But the issue is that most of us are still struggling to get approval and because of this, some opt in for USA or UK AdSense without thinking of how they can verify it easily.

As an AdSense publisher, once your earnings reaches threshold of $10, a pin will be sent to your post office for you to verify your adsense account. Without pin verifying your account, you won't get paid. But as for USA, you must also verify your Tax Info. If pin verification is done and Tax is pending, you won't be able to withdraw your earnings.

This tutorial will teach you how to verify your USA Google AdSense tax Info free of charge without asking anyone in the US to do so or meeting people who does it for money. You will be able to sit back and do it on your own. Here I will teach you how to generate working PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number) for verifying your USA Tax Info) via W-9.

How To Verify USA AdSense Tax Info Free

We have to first of all generate a working PTIN so we are good nTo do this, visit on your personal computer.