How To Make Blogger Blog Logo To Display On All Pages Of Emporio Blogger Theme

Emporio is one among the blogger themes that was added recently to blogger theme dashboard. Emporio theme is a kind of theme i chose to use because it the it displays post in grid mode. Emporio Theme is also a mobile friendly theme that lets users navigate through pages easily.

If you are a blogger that installed the new Emporio blogger theme, that means you must be a pro because emporio blogger theme has to be tweaked before it can look good to you. Recently, i shared how I added my page links at the footer of my blog and here today i want to teach you how to make blogger blog logo display on all pages of your blogger blog.

By default, Emporio blogger theme doesn't not display blog logo on post and static pages, instead title displays. You can force the logo to start showing on post pages using my tweak.

How To Get Started 

Log in into your blogger dashboard 

Go to "Theme" in the left menu, click "Edit HTML"

Let the html code area load completely. Then tap anywhere in the code area and click CTRL F on your keyboard (for mac pc use CMD F)

Search for the follow code : 

<header class='centered-top-container' role='banner'>
              <b:class cond='data:view.isSingleItem' name='sticky'/>
              <div class='centered-top'>

Replace "sticky" to "sticky1" to disable the sticky effect.

And if you notice there is a space above the header after implementing the script above, search for this :

.item-view .page_body {
    padding-top: 70px;
and replace or modify it to this :
.item-view .page_body {
    /* padding-top: 70px; */

Finally click "Save Theme".

Preview your blogger blog, you should seeing your blog displaying your header logo on all posts pages including static pages also.

Hope this tweak helps?


Source : Ogbongeblog Planet

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