How To Set Up Whogohost Domain on Blogger

Whogohost is among Nigeria's leading web hosting company and domain registrar. Whogohost offers both hosting and domain priced in Naira. With Whogohost, you can setup a wordpress blog under 1 hour by which you will purchase a hosting and match it with wordpress.

I have been receiving many complaints and comments from readers on how to set up whogohost purchased domain on blogger and after searching, I didn't see any solution to give, so I decided to provide the solution here.

It is very unfortunate that indigenous domain registrar like Whogohost did not offer step by step tutorials on teaching people about their service like other domain registrar sites do. They dont offer tutorials on teaching users how to register a domain name neither teaching how to set it up in blogging platforms. Whogohost feels users can do so because same is being done in other domains registrars sites

Here today, i will teach you how to set up your Whogohost domain on your blogger blog. If you don't know how to purchase domain name, you can read how to purchase domain name and hosting from Whogohost Nigeria.

How To Get Started 

Setting up your purchased custom domain from Whogohost to blogger is very easy. You don't have to stress to yourself doing CNAMEs and others.

Only few people are aware that Blogger CNAME setup is not included in whogohost dashboard. You will hardly see it on whogohost website but you can easily see it using these keywords search on Google. keyword : "whogohost to blogger"

To set up Whogohost domain on blogger blog, you have to go to Whogohost site to fill the blogger cname form which you can easily visit at

The above link is where you will set up your Whogohost domain on blogger by filling the required information.

Requirements are :
  • Enter your email ID
  • Type a number as a security PIN (any number)
  • Enter the domain name
  • Enter Subdomain 1 as ‘www’
  • CNAME value 1 as
  • Unique subdomain value provided by Blogger for your blog in Subdomain 2
  • Unique CNAME value provided by Blogger for your blog 

How To?

Go to your blogger dashboard

Click settings in the left menu and go to basic

In the page, click "Set up a third party URL for your blog" under blog address.

In the box provided, input your custom domain name you have purchased from Whogohost including www (e.g Then click save 

You will get an error while saving the domain. These error include your cnames which you are going to use to set up your custom domain working. Copy these codes or stay on your browser tab

Now go to blogger cname form

Fill in the required spaces using below image

Enter your email address (the one you used in registering for domain),

Input a pin

Enter your domain name including "www"

Next you will need to enter CNAME records, the first two "www" and "" is already written for you.

And for the "subdomain 2' and "CNAME value 2" enter the bottom two values you get as error in blogger.

Once you are done click ‘Send CNAME Records’ to open a support ticket.

Whogohost will send you a mail that a ticket has been opened for you and you'll be notified when it's done. The process takes less than 24hours.

Once you get a mail from Whogohost saying the CName records have been added. Go back to blogger and re enter your custom domain. Now, it should work without error.

After your domain starts working, go back to the Blogger settings page and click edit url, there will be a box underneath your new domain for redirection.

Make sure you tick this box and click save. this will ensure that whether users put "www" or not, they'll still be redirected to your site.

Also, your "" address will automatically redirect to your new domain name.

I hope this helps...

Cheers. You can drop your comments here if you are finding it difficult to set it up.

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