How To Change Your Google AdSense Address For Easy Pin Verification

Google AdSense is no doubt the top advertising network worldwide designed to enable bloggers or site owners earn money from their blog been a publisher by displaying ads by Google on their blogs and when been clicked. Google AdSense ad an advertising network do change. Adsense changes in the aspect of submitting an application, navigating their dashboard, and approval process. Recently the program changed it application submitting process which has been a burden to someone newbie.

My question here is are you an AdSense publisher and recently got approved by adsense but used the wrong address and don't know how to change it, I Am here to help. This tutorial will help you change your google adsense account address to your choice. This tutorial is also good for adsense publishers who had not reached threshold and will love to change their address for easy pin collection and verification so that once they threshold, the pin will be automatically shipped to their post office.

Note : If your adsense account has reached threshold and you haven't your pin because you used a wrong address, changing that same address using this tutorial will not help you. You need to "Request New Pin" to provide a new address then from there, you can change your address and get your pin shipped to that address.

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How To Change Your Google AdSense Address 

Sign in to your Google AdSense account via

Click the Menu Icon at the top left of your AdSense approved account.

Click "Settings" and from the drop down options,

click "Payments"

Let the payments page load completely. Here, now click MANAGE SETTINGS

Now you will be taken to another page where you can change your Address.

You will be able to edit and change your address address.

To edit, tap the pencil ✏ icon then make changes to your account.

I hope this helps....


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