Benefits of Integrating Google AdSense with Google Analytics

This is a brief post that lists reasons why you should link your google adsense account with analytics and it benefits for doing so.

Most AdSense publishers for content are now are integrating their google adsense account with Analytics which is very important. Lol, integrating Google AdSense account with analytics won't increase your adsense earnings. It helps Analytics by Google to provide you with a wealth of new information about your google adverts and your site which will boost your google ad performance and users' experience.

Benefits of Integrating Google AdSense with Google Analytics 

1. Optimize content by identifying which traffic sources, geographies, pages, and browsers bring the best and worst monetizing users to your site.

2. Improve user experience by seeing which pages your users spend time on, which pages drive them away, and where they're going when they leave.

3. Understanding where your visitors’ attention is focused which will also help you know where m to place your ads where users are most likely to look at them.

4. Grow revenue by implementing changes based on how earnings are affected by aspects of user behaviour such as visit frequency and page depth.

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