6 Cool Tips To Avoid and Prevent Your Blogger Blog From Been Closed

Google is very strict in disciplining users for policy violation and this can be very noticed in their advertising network (AdSense) aspect. What do i mean? we all know that when google policy is been violated, it leads to strict discipline. Blogger as google's blogging platform is a popular platform where new bloggers starts from by creating a free blog.

6 Cool Tips To Avoid and Prevent Your Blogger Blog From Been Closed

If a blogger account is deleted or no longer accessible by real admin, or shut down by google it self, then there something behind the issue that needs some serious checking. Although, you will be notify through your email, whenever google deletes your blogger blog. Some blogs deletion might be caused by user not following blogger TOS and Policy. Not only adSense as Policy, blogger has.

When you start your blog at first, you might not be getting much traffic therefore blogger team won't have any complaints or notice about your blog in the beginning. But when your blog starts receiving traffics from search engines or from social media or anywhere, your blog will be noticed.

And if not using blogger platform legally, you might start receiving complains about your blog. The Blogger team will then manually review your blog and if they find out that you are misusing the blogger platform, then they will delete your blog. Only few chances are left to get your deleted blog back. Avoiding your blogger blog from been closed, read my tips below.

6 Cool Tips To Avoid and Prevent Your Blogger Blog From Been Closed

1. Avoid Creating too many Blogs :

If anything happens to your blogger blog, and you will have passion for blogging, your next ambition will be creating a new blog. However, you must avoid using your former blog email to create your new blog. You must create a new gmail with a real name and profile. If you’ve many blogs deleted automatically, and you haven't recovered them yet, then you should stop to creating another blog on the same google account.

2. Avoid Redirecting Your Blgger Blog

There are many of advertising ads and some html JavaScript codes out there that redirects blogger blog to another URL which can be pop up adverts. Avoid these kind of ads to stop blog unnecessary blog redirection. Use Fetch as Google option from Google Webmaster Tools to check your blog redirection. If it is redirected, then Googlebot might inform your blog to the Blogger team which might get your blog banned.

3. Avoid using spam links in the blog post

Use nofollow attribute when you interlink posts in blogger. As a blogger, it is normal to mention link(s) in your blog post but you can't know if it is a spam link or something else. To avoid it, use nofollow attributes (if you don't know much about the link) so that Google will not crawl the page to see if your link is spammy.

4. Never Allow Hate speech in your blog post content

We all  have freedom of speech in majority of countries now and to talk freely in cyberspace is like a go ahead deal. But did you know Google blogger won’t give you that freedom. So whenever you post any articles it should be user friendly.

5. Avoid using Copyright content in your blog post

Many of bloggers directly embed images, videos and files (cracked software+hacked content) in their post without checking its license first and some duplicate articles in their post without permission. You won't be penalized immediately but as soon as you start driving more and more traffic to your blog, your chances of deletion will be at 90% rate.

6. Type Of Content 

Lastly, the type of content been posted on your blogger blog determines the reason why your blogger blog should stay or be banned. Google Deletes blogs that posts contents related to pornography and other invalid contents.

If you are a blogger using blogger platform, keep this 6 cool tips in mind. If you need more tips, you can request via the comment box below.

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