How To Switch User Profile in Blogger from Blogger to Google+

User Profile in blogger is a feature used to identify author or admin in blogger. User Profile can also be used to identify the person that published a particular post, or replied a comment in blogger. Blogger Profile is known to be of 2 types include : Blogger and Google+ Profile.

There are differences between blogger profile and google+ profile. Blogger profile is used to identify the person that published a post via the name on the Profile. While Google+ profile is a also used to identify author admin that published a post or replied a comment.

I prefer Google+ Profile because once switched to Google+ profile, you will enjoy many hidden features. Features like : 
  1. Displaying Google+ Comment in Blogger 
  2. Auto-posting Blogger blog post to Google+ without using third-party methods
  3. Prompt to share after posting 

I think with these features, you will have a mindset to change your blogging profile from Blogger to Google+. 

How To Switch User Profile in Blogger from Blogger to Google+

1. Sign in to your Blogger Dashboard
2. Click "Settings" >> "User settings"
3. In the Profile, choose "Google+"
4. Then click "Save Settings" at top of the page.

5. Now, a new window will pop up. Here you have to accept the changes that would be made to your blogger blog profile after switching to Google+ So tick "I have read the above and fully understand......". After ticking, click "SWITCH NOW"

6. The next page prompts you to tick and select the blogs you want to choose it profile to Google+. However, select the blog and click "ADD BLOG'.

7. Successfully, your user profile has been switched from blogger to Google+.

Setting The Settings

Setting the setting after switching user profile in blogger involves, auto-sharing to google plus, enable Google+ comments in blogger and making blogger prompt you to start posts once after been published.

Getting Started?

To auto share new blog posts,

==> Sign in to Blogger.
==> In the left menu, click Settings > Posts, comments and sharing.

==> Under "Share to Google+" next to "Auto-share new published posts to your Google+ Profile," choose Yes.

If you want to be prompted to share posts immediately after publishing,

==> Under "Share to Google+" next to "Prompt to share after posting," choose Yes.
==> At the top right, click Save settings.

A box will show when you publish a post. You can add a message and choose who to share with.

This post covers 3 topics in one and I am sure will be helpful to your blog. Automatically sharing your blog post to Google Plus will increase your traffics and audience of the blog.