How To Optimize Blogger Blog Post Images for Better SEO

Many Bloggers do use images to complete their blog post by making it real but most of us don't know that when they optimize these images, they get more search rankings from search engines than ranks in title. Here we call it Image Optimization

Image Optimization is a part of seo that uses images to rank blogs on search engines. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing make use of images to optimize a particular blog and make them rank high on searches. Image Optimization in blogging is an essential part of SEO where bloggers have to use SEO friendly images for better search results.

Today, I want to teach you how to optimize your blog post images on blogger. Optimizing blog post images will enable search engines when indexing your blog page not only focus on only your contents, but also consider your images. In most cases, just one well designed image can make your content or posts look attractive and rank high in search engines when title is doing nothing. I believe image seo because there is a saying that ‘One picture is better than a thousand words’.

Won't you feel great when your blog posts images ranks high on search engines? Let get started.

Image Optimization Tips for Blogger 

1. Rename Image relevance with your post

Renaming image relevance with blog post title is a tip by which your Image can be optimized. Before uploading and attaching your image to your blog post, make sure the image is renamed with your post title. This will make your post get indexed fast.

Avoid using default image names like, “Screenshot_1056.jpg” as it does not give much info about the image. Use descriptive file names with keywords separated by “-” (hyphen). For example, “Optimizing-Image-for-better-seo.jpg”. Then always endeavour to use PNG (Portable Network Graphics) extension image in your blog post.

Once you do this, search engine will crawl your blog post using the optimized image title/name.

2. Image Relevance

Image relevancy is essential when it comes to image optimization for SEO. This means as a blogger, you must use images related to a post before publishing. Do not use images outside post (I.e not in anyway related to your blog post)

For instance, an image of a phone on a page related to laptop will do your seo no good. Therefore use a specific image that is related to post so search engine bots will understand what your page is talking about.

3. Use of Alt text and title text 

This one is very important and it is available for Blogger Platform only. It looks like meta tags for image optimization. It is called Alt tag and title tag. It is most important section of Image optimization for blogger blogs.

The text that is used in the alt tag is displayed in place of the image if the image can not be shown or is taking too long time to load.

Text title also referred to as text tag is for search engines robot which motive is to bot understand your image title when search engines bot are indexing your page. Below is how to use these tools.

How To Use ?

On your post page, upload your image. Then when the image has been uploaded, attach it to your post correctly.

Now, click on the image, and you will see below options
Small, Medium, Large, X-large, Original size, left, etc. All in tick blue color

Along the text, click "Properties"

A small page will pop up containing title text and alt text.

Now in the title section, input your exact blog post title e.g Optimizating Blog Images for Better SEO. Then in the alt text, just paraphrase the post title and put it e.g Blogger Blog Post Image Optimization

Finally, click the "OK" button to save changes.

With this, search engine will crawl not only your image, but your post if related title is been searched. Search engines won't just crawl the post and leave the post page, no! they will crawl all because the image is used in the post.

4. Image Size 

Image size can increase your page load speed also. Image size in image optimization is very crucial. Image compression will be with any offline software or may in online image compression. After the recent Panda update, the loading time of web pages has become a vital part for your SEO ranking as the total time of visit has become more important as a SEO algorithm. That's why always try to use low bytes images in post page like under 50 KB. You may also optimize your image online. In internet many web image optimizer is available.

5. Use "Save for Web" in Photoshop:

If you are using photoshop in creating image for your blog post, then you have to use "Save for Web" option. This option helps your image size low to look low with full resolution. In above step we discussed about image size. Yeah! low bytes image is for better for every web page. For optimizing image using photoshop you must use this option "Save for Web". It may help you for better optimized image.

How To Use? 

==> Launch your Photoshop
==> On the top screen, click "File"
==> Click "Open" to select your image.
==> When the image is loaded on deck, click "File" again
==> Now click "Save for Web & Device" or alternatively click Alt+Shift-Ctrl+F. 

That's all..

I hope this tutorial helps.

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