Dlvr.it Social Networks Have Disconnected, How I Reconnect It

Dlvr.it is an online platform that allows you to share your blog posts automatically to your social media profiles and pages without limit. Yes without limit only if you go pro. If you are using free version of dlvr.it, you can only make use of 3 social media platforms with daily limit.

I am using, Dlvr.it has reached 1 year and the half and I enjoyed their free service before moving to pro. Recently this morning, i got a mail from Dlvr that one of my social media has been disconnected from their service. When i read what could cause it, it was stated that maybe i changed my facebook password. Though i didn't change it and I thought someone is trying to hack into my account. 

Well, dlvr.it social media have disconnected, how do you reconnect it? Let go. 

How i Reconnect Social Media in Dlvr 

I signed in into my gmail account, I clicked the disconnection message

Clicked "Reconnect Now" 

Automatically, it took me to my Dlvr dashboard

Here, i clicked "reconnect" as shown in below image.

Next, i was asked to authorize the access for Dlvr. Here, i sign in my fb account and i authorized them.

Finally, my facebook account got connected to Dlvr to share my blog post automatically. 

That's all.... 

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