Online Tools To Check If Your Blog Has Been Banned or Blacklisted By Google AdSense or Search Engine

Many people want to become Google AdSense publisher by which day by day they submit applications to Adsense. AdSense as an online program for money making with blog doesn't approve applications anyhow only if you comply with their program policies.

Now that many people are submitting applications to AdSense daily, some of them are not getting approved due to some reasons which they don't know. Some might get insufficient contents while some get "site does not comply with Google AdSense policy". Some do get "Difficult site navigation" while some get "owner of domain" All these message has their solution. 

The one that baffles me the most is the one that say " This URL is not available to sign up for adsense". This one makes publishers to be get sacred if their domain has not been blacklisted or banned. Here, I am providing some online tools you can used to check if your blog has been banned or blacklisted by Google AdSense.

Do you even know that google search engine ban domain from getting it crawled? This post will also help you check if your website has been banned by google search engine if you have been noticing that google search engine is not crawling your site/blog.

1. Google AdSense Sandbox : 

Google AdSense Sandbox is a online tool approved by google to help you check if your website or blog has been banned or blacklisted by Google AdSense. This tool also can also help to disaplay all type of ads running on a site using AdSense.

To make use of this tool, go t and input your website or blog url in the provided box and click "Preview Ads Button" to preview all types of available ads on a website using Adsense. If you have input a site that is not ad serving, all types of AdSense format will be blank.

2. Blacklist :

Blacklist is another expensive web tool where you can check if your site has been banned from using AdSense or has been blacklisted by google search engine. Just log on to the website and input your url to see if google AdSense or google search engine has banned your website.

3. Bannedornot

5. Checkadsban : Checkadsban is my best tool I use in checking if a a site has been banned or blacklisted by Google AdSense not to display ads. The tool is very Good and I will recommend it for users.

6. Testadsense

With these tools, you should be able to check if your domain has been banned by Google AdSense to display blank ad on your site.