NGAdverts Referral Program : Earn Money When You Refer Advertisers or Publishers

Ng Adverts is no doubt one among the best ad networks in Nigeria where publishers who own domain(s) or website earn money when they place ng adverts ad codes on their site and when being clicked. Where many ad networks there are scamming publishers when they reached threshold, Ng Adverts has proven to many bloggers in Nigeria that they aren't scammers. Ng adverts is the best alternative to monetize your site or blog content if you are waiting for AdSense approval.

How To Start Making Money With Ngadverts Referral Program

Ngadverts referral program is another way publishers in Ngadverts can make money online. Ng adverts referral program allows you to earn money when you refer an advertiser or a publisher via your referral url. To be honest, I dont know how much Ngadverts pay per referral but i know that the amount one get when he or she refers a new advertiser is more than the one gotten from publisher referral.

To start referring as publisher in ngadverts, you have to get your referral url, then you start promoting or sharing to those who are interested in joining ng adverts ad network. To get your referral url :

==> Log on to your Ngadverts Dashboard
==> Click. the "REFERRAL" tab
==> You will be taken to a page to "GET A REFERRAL CODE"
==> Now you will see different dimensions (px) to get your Ngadverts referral program tools.
==> On the page,

  • Click Referral url to get your ng adverts referral url 
  • Click on Referral link to get your mg adverts link. 
  • For the remaining dimensions, I will recommend you to use either 300x250 or 728x90 banner ad on your blog or site to get referrals.
  • And you can also use 300x600 code to display vertical skyscraper ads on your blog or site window or desktop view. 
If you are new to ng adverts or have been hearing about ng adverts and have not used to monetize your blog, you can start today using my referral URL:

However, bloggers or site owners that are currently using NG adverts to monetize your site or advertising on their platform, the referral service is another way you can earn money.

Finally I got the answer. NG Adverts referral commission is 15% for Advertisers and 5% for Publishers. That is, when an advertiser is been referred by you, you get 5% of the amount the advertiser spends on advertising on NG Adverts ad platform. When you refer a publisher you receive 5% of the publisher's first earning when he reaches the payment threshold.

Please use when joining Ng Adverts.

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