How To Make Your Blogger Blog Desktop Gadget Display on Mobile View

Blogger is a very easy, free and simple blogging platform where you can create a blog and also monetize it for free. Blogger is designed to make users create posts, add pages, and make user comment. Adding widget to blogger blog makes your blog looks attractive and beautiful. It might also generate traffic and pageviews (depending on widget) for your blog.

Blogger has different kind of themes, including the one they recently added. These themes are beautiful and cool. Some of them are easy to edit and tweak while some needs a Pro to handle it.

Making your blogger blog desktop gadget display on mobile view is a tutorial for users who are not using the new Blogger Themes because the new blogger theme is automatically emdedded with an hidden code by blogger that makes desktop gadget display on mobile view.

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If you are not using any of the new blogger themes, but other template like (Awesome, Watermark, Simple, Picture Window, Dynamic views, Etheral, Travel), the easiest way to do display desktop gadget display on mobile view is adding mobile=’yes’ to the <b:widget> tag of the widget, right inside your blog's html theme while tweaking.

However, let us assume you have used the HTML/Javascript gadget to add a widget to your blogger blog but it not showing on mobile view, and you want it to display on the mobile view of your blog, read through.

How To Get Started

Sign in to your Blogger Dashboard and Get the ID of the Blogger widget you want to display on mobile view. Example the widget id is "HTML1"

Go to "Theme" >> "Edit HTML".

On the Theme HTML editors page, tap "Jump To Widget" button.

Tap the ID of the widget you want to show on the mobile view of your blog.

Automatically you will be taken to the <b:widget> tag of the gadget widget.

example :
<b:widget id='HTML2' locked='false' title='' type='HTML'>....</b:widget>

In the tag, input mobile='yes' in front of the 'false' to make your code become :

<b:widget id='HTML2' locked='false' mobile='yes' title='' type='HTML'>....</b:widget>

Click "Save Theme"

Preview the mobile view of your blog using ?m=1 in front of your blog url e.g

I hope this helps.


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