How To Index Blogger Blog Posts for Search Rankings and Listings

Making Search engines index blog posts is one way you can get quality traffics and backlinks into your blog. All blog owners would love their posts to be crawled few minutes after publishing but is hard for them. Here, i want to teach you how to index your blog posts. When your blog posts are been indexed, your blog will be among search listings which will increase your blog audience and traffics. Beside that, it can reduce your bounce rate if you follow steps here.

Previously, i wrote on how to get your blog posts indexed in within minutes but it only involves pinging that helps you notify search engines that your blog has been updated. Pinging only can't make your blog posts get indexed quickly but here i have made a step by step tutorial post on how to get your blog posts indexed fast.

All new bloggers wants to increase blog traffics fast but this can't happen without indexing your blog. Indexing your new blog can take two weeks or more normally but we can fasten this process by simple tricks. You can also read my post on how to seo optimize a new blogger blog.

However, indexing your blog include two steps while processing. In the first step, google bot collect information of your posts and add it in search index box.Once your posts get indexed, google bot start crawling your blog by listing your blog in Searches. Though, Google bot is all day busy and this is due to billions of blogs out there being updated daily and even hourly and it can not index all of them simultaneously but today i will show you how to speed up this process.

How Search Engines Finds Your Blog? 

Search engines finds your blog after you must have added your blog  or website (property) to search engines webmasters tools. These search engines webmasters tools include, Google search console popularly known as Google webmaster tools, Bing & Webmaster tools and lastly Yandex webmaster tools.

Some posts that might help are :

How To Index Your Blogger Blog Post 

1. Submit Sitemap : Stemap is a very important seo tool that helps provide information about your blog to Google and other search engine site crawlers that uses bots to crawl and index blogs. Sitemap plays a good role in SEO sending notifications to search engines about updates on your blog. When a sitemap is submitted to search engine it starts showing only submitted posts and as time goes on, those submitted posts will get indexed and search engines will start crawling them in Search listings.

How To Do Sitemap? 

Note : Yahoo and Bing are the same. Once your blog is on Bing, it on yahoo also. But Google is very important.

2. Ping Your Blog : Actually, not all bloggers knows about this and many knows but don't use because of the stress (I don't see any stress in pinging your site). Pinging your blog helps notify search engine that your blog has been updated which will helps to index your blog fast. You can check out some pinging tools here and how to use them.

3. Fetch as google: "Fetch As Google" is a tool available in Google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools that enables you to submit your new blog posts and exclude those which you don't want to be indexed. Fetch as google in Bing it is know as Fetch as bingbot.

How To Use Fetch as Google
==> Log in to your Google webmaster tool dashboard and select your property (i.e the site you want to fetch as google.
==> In your property dashboard, click Crawl and from the drop down options, click "Fetch as Google"
==> In the box, input your blog post link excluding the blog url itself and the forward slash. e.g, should be 2017/07/index-blogger-blog-posts-for-search-ranking-listing.html
==> Paste the remaining as done in the image below.
==> Select the platform where you want Google to fetch your blog fast, choose "mobile" and you can choose desktop later.
==> Finally click "Fetch" to submit your post.
Now your posts should be crawled fast.

How To Use Fetch as Bingbot
==> Log in to your Bing webmaster tool
==> In your property dashboard, click Diagnostics And Tools d from the drop down options, click "Fetch as Bingbot"
==> In the box, input your full blog post link. e.g 
==> Finally click "Fetch" to submit your post.
Now your posts should be crawled fast on Bing which will also take effect on Google.

4. Share Posts To Social Media : Social media is one way you can get audience and traffics when you share your blog posts. Beside that, search engines like Google will be able to crawl your posts when you share your posts to social media. Only few bloggers knows this.

For instance, when a post is been shared to Google Plus, and a user Searches that same post on Google, Google will crawl that one on Google Plus along with the web own which is the real one. This has been a method adopted by bloggers to get more traffics and backlinks into their blog without stress. See screenshot below. Read How To Share Blog Posts Automatically to Social Medias 

5. Use Search Description : Search description goes along side with search keyword. When you use a particular search description on your blog post, google will crawl your blog post if the keyword is related to a search.

Using Search Description In Blogger 
For instance, you are writing a post, navigate to the left side of the page and click "Post Settings". Click "Search Description"  and write some of your related post keywords in the box. Click "Done" to save.

5. Submit Blog To Directories : 

Directories is a listing of Web sites organized in a hierarchy or interconnected list of categories. To Submit your blog to directories is very important especially in the aspect of indexing a new blog. Directories i will say are just like search engines.

There are paid as well as free directories available online. You can check online or my recent directories where you can build great backlinks.

Stay cool and apply all these tips to your blogger blog and let see if you won't notice changes in your SEO, Traffics and search listings and all

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