How To Optimize Blogger Post Hyperlink

Hyperlinking also known as Internal linking is a very essential thing for seo. Hyperlinking is a feature in writing that refers old posts to a new post or refer a post to another related post which will increase time on site and improve bounce rate. Hyperlinking also know as internal linking is done by bloggers by adding related post gadget either a simple or with thumbnails while some do this by adding link of old posts in new posts which i said earlier.

How To Optimize Blogger Post Hyperlink

Like internal links external links are also part of a post. After linking another thing comes which is specifying the links. A link could be specified in two ways as there are two types of links e.g internal and external.
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So this post is to tell you how can you optimize internal links for better seo but before learn that you have to learn how to do that? well it is similar to rel="nofollow" but you have to make a little change that is to replace rel="nofollow" with rel="dofollow". When a link is specified by rel="dofollow" then humans and robots both are able to follow that link but when rel="nofollow" attribute is added to a link then only humans and able to follow that link.

What is Nofollow 

Nofollow links attribute allows search engine bots not to follow links. That is, if a site owner is linking a post back with previous post using nofollow attribute, he or she is not allowing robots to follow that link. Only humans will be able to follow that link. Some time back Google made it clear that they do not consider nofollow link attributes but weight of such links is very less. An example of such links is given below:

<a href=""> rel="nofollow" target="_black" </a>

What is Dofollow

Dofollow links allow both humans and search engine robots to follow the links. If a webmaster add rel="dofollow" to links, he or she is allowing robots to follow that link. Example of dofollow link is shown below:

<a href=""> target="_blank" </a>


<a href=""> rel="dofollow" target="_blank" </a>

How to create a dofollow link?

Creating a dofollow link. A dofollow link can be created in two ways one is to add rel="dofollow" in the link as shown in above example another way is to leave it as it is mean if you want a link to be followed don't do anything leave it simple as the first example of dofollow links.

How to create dofollow links in posts?

Well its same as explained in the above paragraph. When you enter a link in the post by using link in the tools, at the same time back hand work goes on in the Html tab of the post writing area. For example you are adding a link then in the Html tab it will be <a href=""> target="_blank"</a> Now if you add rel="nofollow" attribute at the time of adding link in the post then it won't be followed by bots so avoid checking the rel="nofollow" attribute. To add a do follow link leave it simple(don't do anything just add a link only) or switch to Html tab find the link which you added by using Ctrl+F on your keyboard and after finding the link just add rel="dofollow" before target="_blank". Note that target="_blank" means that the link will open in new tab and it will only be included in the link if you check open in new tab option while adding the link.

Remember to add dofollow to only internal links otherwise robots will follow external links also.

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