How I Added Static Pages Link at the Footer of my Blog

Only constants visitor of ogbongetechs, you will notice that at the end of my blog (known as page footer), i added links linking to my blog static pages. These pages link include : home, about, advertise, privacy, terms. This pages links are not for fun but for viewers to navigate through my blog easy without searching and also to make my blog user know more about my blog via the About, Policy and Terms and conditions page.

If you are a blogger hosting your blog using blogger blogging platform and you want to display your pages links at the footer of all pages (Home and post pages) of your blog, I am here to provide the help for you. 

How To Get Started

Sign in to your blogger dashboard 

In the left menu, click "Theme" >> "Edit HTML" and make the html page load completely. 

Use CTRL+F enable a pop up search box on the html editors page.b

Search </body> 

Paste this code right above </body> 

<div id='myfooterlinks' style='text-align: center;'>
<div id='myfooterlinks2'>
<a href='paste link here'>Home</a> | <a href='paste link here'>About</a> | <a href='paste link here'>Contact</a> | <a href='paste link here'>Advertise</a> | <a href='paste link here'>Privacy Policy</a> | 
<div id='myfooterlinks1'>
Copyright &#169; 2017, OgbongeTechs.

Now replace paste link here with the link or url you want to link to your page and change OgbongeTechs to your blog name.

Your blog page footer should start displaying your pages link

If you want to add more pages, just add :

href='page link here'>page title </a>  right above </div> in the code above.  Then Input the page URL and it title as described above. Then "Save Theme" to make changes to your blogger blog.

I hope this helps.



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