How To Stop AdSense from Receiving and Recording Clicks and Impressions from Unsolicited Sites in your Account

Google AdSense is been the best platform many domain owners or bloggers has used to monetize their traffic which allows site to display Google Ads and enable them make money when ads are clicked. Going straight to the topic here in front of you, it states "Fix : Google AdSense Account Displaying Unsolicited Site in Your Earnings". This is a very common issue for all new AdSense publishers who do not know about the in and out of AdSense (How adSense works)

The question here is, have you tired checking your earnings in your site and want to check your performance report, you might have come across an or some unknown site or url been listed among the sites that ads was clicked to earn. Here, you might look frightened about you not knowing anything about the site, but honestly speaking, this is an issue faced by all Adsense publishers who did not enable "Site Authorization" on their AdSense account.

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Some Considerable Reasons Why You See These Sites Listed in Your Earnings 

1. One reason why you see an unknown or unsolicited site url in your adsense site performance report is if you or anybody else had forwarded your webpage with adsense ads to friends in email format.

2. Another reason why you might see unsolicited sites in your performance report is improper iFrame redirect. In the sense that if improper iframe is placed on a webpage, than a Ad form the nested site can show the impression, and thus the site name can be seen the AdSense site performance report.

3. You can see the name of the site (link) who serves your content from their own domain . For example: google translate may show your translated content from google domain, and thus result in impression.

4.  This is another reason why you see unsolicited sites in your AdSense performance report. If a site owner / publisher or blogger copied your contents with (adsense ad), readers of the blog may give it imorespublishing on their site or blog. Thus the link of the site or blog with duplicate content can show ad impressions, into your adsense site performance report.

If you are a victim, nothing is going to happen to your Google AdSense account but if you feel uncomfortable about these trash sites, you have to enable "Site Authorization" on your Google AdSense account.

What is Site Authorization?

Site authorization is an optional feature in AdSense that lets you identify your verified sites as the only sites that are permitted to use your Google ad code. Note that if you place your ad code in a site that's not one of your verified sites, ads will still show but you won't generate any earnings from them. That means you have authorized your site to display your ad code. You can make use of these if you noticed someone is displaying your ad on his or her site without your permission.

If a URL displaying your ad code is not on your list of verified sites in AdSense, live ads will still display on that URL, and impressions and clicks will be recorded. However, advertisers will not be charged, and you won't receive any earnings for that site. Also If you don't add a site to your list of verified sites, and you place your ad code on it, ads will continue to appear on the site but you won't earn from them. So, please enable/use this feature wto curb missing out good revenues from valid Clicks.

How To Authorizing your verified sites

To authorize your verified sites, follow these steps:

==> Sign in to your AdSense account.
==> In the left navigation panel, click Settings.
==> Click My sites.

==> On the "Manage sites" page, click More (3 vertical dots)
==> Click Site authorization.

==> Next to "Only authorize my verified sites to use my ad code", turn the switch on On.
==> Click Save.

You should see a tag saying "Site Authorization Enabled". That All.

Now your changes should take appropriate effect with 48hours. Then your AdSense ads will start displaying on sites you verified. If you have more sites and you want make them display your AdSense ads, click the +
icon and add your new site url.


I hope this helps.. Let me know via the comment box.