Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool : Check if your Blog is Mobile Friendly or Not

In 2014, Google declared the dispatch of a mobile-friendly test tool which bloggers or domain owners can use to check if your site passes Google's criteria for what it consider to be a mobile enhanced site.

Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool will examine a URL and report if the page is mobile-friendly or not.

Therefore, if your site or domain passes the test, your site will get a mobile-friendly label in the Google mobile search results.

If your site turns out not passing the test, the tool will point out the exact reason why your site didn’t pass then highlight some tips to fix the issues.

The Mobile-Friendly test tool is easy to use;

Visit :

simply type in the full URL of the web page that you want to test e.g then you "RUN TEST"

Google Mobile friendly test tool will start analysing your URL, now sit back and wait for result.

If your blog is Mobile friendly, you will see a message ticked in green color saying : Page is Mobile friendly

Now user Additional resources, click open site-wide mobile usability reports. When you click it, it will take you to your Mobile Usability Page in Google webmasters tools.

Here you can read issues while your blog is not mobile friendly. If your site is mobile friendly, you see a message saying : No mobile usability error detected. Be sure to check all site variants. 

Whereas, mobile usability problems are issues that can affect a user that visits the page on a mobile (small screen) device, including small font sizes (which are hard to read on a small screen) and use of Flash (which isn't supported by most mobile devices).

Less I forget, test results include a screenshot of how the page looks to Google on a mobile device, as well as a list of any mobile usability problems that it finds.