Facebook Find WiFi: Using Free WiFi Hotspot To Browse

Facebook has unveiled a new feature called "Find Wi-Fi" to enable users search and locate available free Wifi networks around and connect to them easily. Sometimes last year, facebook tested this future in selected countries for iPhone users. Now it is global and both Android and iOS users can utilize this app and it's now unveiled to all territories/ countries.

This is a facebook feature for those of you staying close to where WiFi free.

How Facebook "Find Wifi" Works

It's no advanced science as it's incorporated specifically with the Facebook application itself, the Find Wi-Fi choice demonstrates a guide of your area and additionally posting every one of the organizations, associations or even people with free Wi-Fi hotspots or switches that you can interface with the expectation of complimentary Internet get to.

Additionally, on the off chance that you are in an area where your versatile information is frail, you can utilize Find Wi-fi to search for accessible complimentary wireless internet hotspot close you and associate.

How To Use Facebook Free Wifi Hotspot

  1. Launch your Facebook app
  2. Click on the "More" tab and then Find Wi-Fi.
  3. When you get to the Find Wi-Fi tab, you might be required to turn Wi-Fi on (if it not switched on.

Once the hotspot is switched on to a Wi-Fi, you can then browse the closest available hotspots on a map, and learn more about the businesses hosting them.

NB: Facebook Find Wifi won't work on Wifi protected with password. This is nothing to worry about because there are other apps that can connect to Wi-Fi.