How To Create Barter Virtual Credit(Dollar) Card with for Online Payment in Nigeria

The barter cards, powered by Flutterwave are dollar-denominated virtual cards which you can use to pay anywhere on the internet where the Mastercard logo is shown. Here, you don't have to starto looking for abokis to sell dollar notes to you just because you want to fund the dollar card issued to you by your bank.

Barter virtual cards is also dollar card that you can use to pay for your online ads, renew your iTunes subscription in Nigeria. It can used also to buy apps at Google play store, pay for your uber ride, shopping online, pay bills etc

At, you can create multiple virtual cards and give them to your business partners and colleagues. You can as well keep track of expenses and manage your teams spending all in your barter dashboard. Your barter virtual cards can be funded with Naira, Ghanaian Cedis, Kenyan Shillings, and of course, USD. The current exchange rates are displayed on the barter dashboard.

How To Create Barter Virtual Credit(Dollar) Card

Go to

Click the "Sign up" button to create an account.

When signing up, input l the correct details which are your names, email and password.

Note : Password should contain Uppercase Letter, number and, Symbol. E.g olamidE1$

Click Now click create account.

Now, verify your mail address by getting the code sent to the email. Input the code in the required space.

You have successfully created an account with getbarter.

Go to "dashboard" to check the current exchange rate

Proceed to "wallet", click "NGN". Select either of Visa, MasterCard or verve to fund your wallet.

fund barter virtal mastercard wallet nigeria

Proceed to "Cards" and click on "+Virtual cards"

Fund your virtual card with the funds in your getbarter wallet then you free to ahead.

I funded mine with my Diamond bank MasterCard card as seen in the screenshot below :

You can alternatively, use the "create new card" link via "dashboard" to generate your barter virtual cards.