How To Adjust Width of Sidebar and Post Stream on Emporio Blogger Theme

It no longer news that blogger has enabled the ability or users to adjust width of sidebar and post stream via template designer. After choosing Emporio Blogger theme when setting up this blog, i discovered that Blogger has removed the option to adjust the width of blog and sidebar from the Blogger theme customization page. Not only this, also you can't use your choice background Image on emporio blogger theme after installing.

Many Blogger users who switched from other themes to Emporio are not happy with this and have made series of laments on the Blogger forum. However, Blogger has listened and have now added the option to customize the widths of the sidebar and posts stream of the new Blogger themes via the Blogger Theme customization page.

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Adjusting Width of Sidebar and Post Stream on Emporio Blogger Theme

Adjusting width of sidebar and post stream of emporio blogger New theme will help you make your blog home and Post page minimized. It will also help your blogger blog side bar of home page show at left side of blog posts page.

To customize the widths,

==> Sign in to your Blogger blog
==> Navigate to "Theme" > "Customize"

==> Tap on “Advanced,” and there you will find a “Widths” section.

==> Then you can make changes to the widgets.
==> Finally, click "Apply to Blog" to save the changes. Preview your blog.

NB : If this tutorial did not work for your own blog especially when not seeing "widths" section under "Advanced" tab, you have to upgrade your Emporio theme to the latest version because the issue might be because you are using the old one.

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