How To Add Vertical Related Posts Widget To Blogger Blog Sidebar

Reading my review on AddThis, i mentioned one of the toools also have related posts tool. Here I want to teach you how to use AddThis to display related posts on your blog's sidebar. AddThis Related Posts tool simply display what a what a visitor should be reading next based on current reading. AddThis related posts widget is different from other related posts widget because the tool recommends content not only by what’s similar/related, but also what’s most important and has gained views and probably likes.

AddThis related posts types include : slider, inline and footer. The slider is one that slides on your blog post page be it at top or button(depend on the one you chose). The inline is the one for sidebar which we are talking about here. Lastly the Footer is one that displays at the footer page of your posts like your AdSense Pagelevel Ad.

Adding AddThis related posts widget to sidebar of blogger blogs, you just have to create an inline format or type of the widget. If you implement/add AddThis related posts widget in your blog, you will be able to see a zoomed 🔎 view of your top performing related posts via the AddThis analytics tab. Also you can track which pages are getting the most clicks, and see your top related posts tool type (Slider, Inline, footer).

How To Get Started

You must also ensure that you've added the AddThis main code to your blog's html.

Sign in to your AddThis dashboard
Click the “Get the Code” button

Sign in to your Blogger dashboard.
Navigate to Theme > Edit HTML
Use CTRL F to find </body>
Copy and paste the AddThis code above the </body> tag
Click "Save Theme"

Now, go back to your AddThis dashboard
Click on "Tools" > "Add New Tool"
Click "Related Posts"

Select "Inline" and click "Continue"
Select "Vertical" as the "Orientation"

Click "Save and Continue"

You will be redirected to a page where you will see codes you can add to your blog.

Scroll down to the "Code for Activated Tools" section.
Copy the code

Navigate to your Blogger dashboard and click on "Layout"
Click "Add a Gadget" on the sidebar (item page)

Select "HTML/Javascript"
Paste the code in it and Save.

If you are using the non-responsive Blogger templates (old themes), you will have to add mobile='yes' to the widget's code if you want the related post widget to display on mobile view of your bog.

That's all.

After some minutes, you should see recommended posts been display in a vertical format on your blog sidebar as seen below:

I hope this helps.

AddThis recommend algorithm might take some time to recommend the pages If noticed that your site does not receive enough traffic.

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