How To Add Share Buttons Inside Blogger Blog Post

You can display share buttons on your blog your blog posts by making use of the AddThis share button tool. The tool helps readers in your blog to share your posts to anywhere around the world using social media platforms which will boost your blog audience and traffics easily.

If you implement AddThis share button tool in your blog, your stats will display in the Analytics Tab where you can see your most shared content and it total visits. Also in the same tab, your top referring domain, campaign and and device through which your post is shared will also be displayed.

Adding the AddThis Share Tools to your blog post is simple and easy. You just have to create an "inline" type of the Share tool and add the code to below post page. You must also ensure that you've added the AddThis main code to your blog's html.

How To Get Started
Sign in to your AddThis dashboard
Click the “Get the Code” button

Sign in to your Blogger dashboard.
Navigate to Theme > Edit HTML
Use CTRL F to find </body>
Copy and paste the AddThis code above the </body> tag
Click "Save Theme"

Now, go back to your AddThis dashboard
Click on "Tools" > "Add New Tool"

Click "Share Buttons"

Select "Inline" and click "Continue"

Choose "Select your own" to enable you manually add your own social media which you will like reader.

Click "ADD MORE SERVICES" to choose your social medias for sharing.

Click "Save and Continue"

You will be redirected to a page where you will see codes you can add to your blog.

Scroll down to the "Code for Activated Tools" section. Copy the code.

Now put the code where you want share buttons inside your blog.


==> Log in into your blogger dashboard
==> Go to "Theme" >> "Edit HTML"
==> Let the code area load completely. Here, tap anywhere in the code area and click  CTRL F to find below code

You can paste your AddThis share button code at the last section of <data:post.body/> after you must have added your ad codes (if displaying ad code on your blog).

If using old blogger themes (Non-responsive) you have to search <data:post.body/>. You may find it not once, therefore add your share buttons code below above code (Use the second one and third one)

For Awesome Template, use the first and third one.

I hope this helps.