How To Add Seo Friendly Description, Keyword and Robot Meta Tags to Blogger Blog

Meta Tags is a tool used in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) used to identify blog posts or articles in search engine(Google, Bing, Yahoo). Meta Tag easily helps your blog posts to be easily traced or crawled in browser or search engines or other tools used in searching online and therefore will be sorted in search engine results page.

Most blogs or sites you see online that is been crawled on Google first page, they make use of Meta tags scripts to boost their Seo. The main function of the meta tag basically consists of several key elements such as :

  • Meta tag keyword 
  • Meta tag Description 
  • Meta tag Robot 

To add seo friendly description, keyword and robot meta tags to your blogger blog, there are two things involved

  1. Editing Your Blogger Template or Theme
  2. Adding Title, Description and Meta Tags Description in Blogger Blog 

How To Get Started

I am going to  be giving these meta tags after this paragraph. To add these meta tags to your blogger blog, 
==> Sign in to your blogger dashboard 
==> In the left menu, click "Theme" >> "Edit HTML"

==> On the HTML editors page, press CTRL+F on your keyboard to perform a search. 
==> Search either <head> or </head> 

==> If you are using <head>, paste the code right below it and it is </head>, paste the code right above it. 

1. Meta Tags Description : Description meta tag is a kind of meta tags that helps your blog get crawled on Google easily using it description. It is used to give a general overview of the content (post) of the blog page. Description meta tag must not exceed 200 word limit when adding to blog. Using this meta tag, google will crawl everything about your blog when ever a user Searches anything related to your blog description. Below html  is the meta tag description 
<meta content='Enter Your Blog Description Here'  name='description'/>

2. Meta Tag Keywords : Meta tag keywords are very important especially when writing a blog post. It determines what keywords can be found on your page in search engines and also works great or AdSense Ads Optimization.

<meta content="Enter Keywords Here'' name="keywords"/>

3. Meta Tag Robots : The main work of robots tag is to determine which blog pages will be indexed in search engines and where it will be indexed in search engines. This tag is very useful, it also has a great effect when installed. Remember I made use to Robot txt while teaching how to SEO Optimize a new blogger blog. The one in that tutorial is talking about how to connect blogger robot txt with Google webmaster's. Here, I am talking about it meta tag and how to implement on your blogger blog.

This tag is very useful especially if a blog uses frames for navigation.

<meta content="index follow" name="robots"/>

Combining these meta tags codes, it gives you :

<meta content='Enter Your Blog Description Here'  name='description'/>
<meta content="Enter Keywords Here'' name="keywords"/>
<meta content="index follow" name="robots"/>

However, you can now copy the meta tags codes and paste it to Notepad to edit. After editing, simply put it in your blog theme as describe above.