How To Add Google AdSense Banner Ad Codes Below Post On Blogger New and Old Themes

Previously, i made a post on adding adsense 'ads by google' link ad below blog post in blogger new themes and also old themes which has made many newbie bloggers happy that their ads are displaying below blog post title. However, if we can add Google AdSense ads below blog post title, definitely we should be able to add same ads below blog post (after blog posts)

How To Add Google AdSense Banner Ad Codes Below Post On Blogger New and Old Themes

Therefore, today i will teach you how to add google adsense banner ad code below post in blogger. This is just a simple html tweaking and editing that can make changes to your Google AdSense account by boosting or increasing your earnings.

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How To Get Started 

Creating Google AdSense "Ads by Google" Link Ad 

Step 1 : Sign in to
Step 2 :  In the left menu, click "My Ads" tab > "New Ad Unit"
Step 3 : Select "Text & display ads"

Step 4 : Give the ad unit code any name and under "Ad size", select "Recommend"
Step 5 : Choose any size of link ad, you an choose 300x250 banner size or Automatic size
Step 6 : Customize "text ad style" as desired (Optional)
Step 7 : Click "Save and get code"

Step 8 : Parse the ad unit code (To avoid error while saving in html theme of blogger.

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Adding Banner Ad Below Blogger Blog Post Title 

Sign in to your Blogger Blog Dashboard

In the left menu, click "Theme" >> "Edit HTML" and make the html page load completely.

Then make use of CTRL+F to find this code : <data:post.body/>

Paste your Google AdSense Automatic or 300x250 banner ad code right below the code.

Finally Click "Save Theme" to make changes to your blogger blog by displaying Google Banner ad in your blog.

For the old themes search for <div class='post-header-line-1'/>
You might find two of the code, make use of the first one which is usually for mobile while the second is for desktop view.

Now in the first code, place the ad code below the </div>.

Alternatively, you can search <div class='post-footer'>, then paste your parsed ad code right above it to display below post in blogger mobile view.

Now, your ads should start displaying "Ads by Google" live ad in your blogger blog below post title.

I hope this helps.


NB : Using this tutorial, you can add Google AdSense link Ad code below blog post title and it will be suitable for it to stay above the banner ad code you have added.

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