8 Ways To Reduce Blog Or Website Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is a metric being computed by activity era specialists or Website (Alexa or Google Analytics) wherever in the internet promoting work(ex alexa). That's, rate or rate of guests to a specific site who explore far from the site or blog subsequent to survey just a single page. That is the thing that Bounce Rate Means.

For example, "If 100% guests visit your site or blog and every one of them just saw a page and after that leave from that point then the bounce rate will be 100%. Furthermore, if just half clients out of 100% remaining the webpage or blog subsequent to survey only a page every, at that point the bounce rate will be half." Therefore with this, i think you should now know the importance of bounce rate and without me notwithstanding disclosing approach to lessen it, you should know the ways by means of the clarification.

Checking Your Blog Bounce Rate 

There are two main ways in checking blog or site bounce rate which are Alexa and Google Analytics. Here, I Am only going to show you "how to" on alexa.

To check your bounce rate using alexa, visit www.alexa.com/siteinfo

In the box provided, input your blog url.

Now alexa will calculate your site within seconds and bring out all data of the site. Here, you have to scroll down to see your bounce rate.

Website Design : Having a good design on your blog or site is one of those way you can reduce your website. If you have a good web design, readers will not leave your website or blog because they your design and from there might have passion for blogging also. 

Therefore, set your blog to we well designed with a beautiful theme (for blogger or wordpress). You can also employ a web designer to do this rather than doing it your self to avoid mistakes. 

Interlinking : Interlinking is another way to reduce your blog or website bounce rate. Interlinking portrays links that link to other web pages. In other word, it can be links that are fixed to a particular blog post for users to navigate to another page to get more cool articles written by the admin or author. 

Interlinking is a very easy tool in seo. To perform an interlinking in your blog, all you need to do is just create a post, then add some keywords or hyperlinks that will link to another post related to the previous one. 

Use Related Articles Feature : In a post I made here about related posts, i made a statement that using "Related Post" widget is now a tatic adopted by bloggers use to get more audience and clicks in their blog. Using related articles feature on a blog or website can reduce bounce rate. In the sense that when a blogger has related posts to a particular post he has written, visitors will surely view them if the post relating.

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Blog/Site loading speed : To reduce your blog bounce rate, you must also take note of your blog loading speed. If your blog loading speed is low, your bounce rate will increase.

For instance, in a situation whereby your blog loading is slow while loading a page, visitors will not want to visit your page again. That's, after a page click, they won't bother visiting another page because if what they went through visiting first page. They might not even visit the web page completely and they will quit the paga (that how it is).

Now you have to fix the slow loading speed of your blog or website.

How To Increase The Loading Speed of Your Blog.
  • Using a Good Web Hosting (WordPress)
  • Using a easy tweakable theme.
  • Removing the non-essential stuff from the site
  • Reducing the use of javascript and CSS files etc.
All these can increase the loading speed of your website or blog. 

External links should open in Another Tab :

Opening external links in a new tab is also another way to reduce blog bounce rate. This is in the sense that a reader reading an interesting article post or page and suddenly sees an external link or hyperlink which he clicked so that he can get the info on the page, Now think, if the link opens in the same tab, the reader will leave your website automatically, but if it opens in a new tab, the reader might go to that tab and check that page or site without closing your page and later returns to read again.

To make external link open in a new tab on blogger, you have tick the "Open this link in a new window" option when using hyperlink.

Avoid Putting To Many Ads : 

Avoid putting too many ads on your blog pages because they can make your visitors bounce back at your blog. Pop up ads is an example, this kind of ad is very annoying and can increase your blog bounce rate. That is why Google AdSense is a top ad networks doesn't support pop up ads.

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Composte Attractive Posts and avoid spam :

This is very essential. No reader or let me say visitor will visit your blog if it doesn't have post that will make them attracted to your blog. There are some blogs out there that readers can't do without visiting daily and why is this? It is because they have much more informative articles on their blog. So endeavour to compose great article for your readers.

SEO Optimize Your Blog

This is a great way you can reduce your blog bounce rate by SEO optimizating your blog to display and rank well on search engines. When you SEO optimize your blog posts and displays on search engines, reader will see your post on search engines and they will click if they see what you are looking for.

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All these tips are great tips you can use to reduce your website or blog bounce rate easily without stress.