How To Verify USA, UK and China Google AdSense Account In Nigeria

It is well said that to get an approved Nigeria Google AdSense Account is not easy and if you must have gotten one, verifying is the next issue to come up(but is very easy to some people). If you are one that has gotten an approved UK or US AdSense account because Nigeria isn't getting getting approved, you should have start earning by implementing live ads on your blog.

Verifying Google AdSense Account is the most important action to take after getting an approved account and after it must have reached threshold. Without reaching threshold of 10$ or 10£ you can verify your USA or UK AdSense Account and if you don't verify your AdSense, you will not be able to withdraw your earnings.

The truth is that If a blogger of a particular country apply for Google AdSense using his own country as Country, he or she can easily verify the AdSense in his or her country.

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But if he or she make use of another Country like USA or UK to apply for an AdSense account, the person won't get the Verification Pin if she is not in US. To verify UK or US AdSense in other countries, you can make use of two ways which is either by shipping companies or having a client in US or UK. And the best Shipping Company I have ever known is Shoptomydoor.

Previously, i made a post on how to get free USA and UK address for shipping at Shoptomydoor and here i explained all you need to know about Shoptomydoor especially using it for getting US or UK AdSense Pin. It is a online platform and company established to help users ship their item from USA, UK And China to their current destination. Shoptomydoor has available offices In USA (Houston-Texas), UK(Liverpool) and China (Guangzhou).

Hence, if you want to get your UK, USA and China Adsense pin in Nigeria, all you need to do is to swap the old address of your AdSense to the one that will be given to  you by Shoptomydoor. Therefore, when your AdSense Pin get to Shoptomydoor at US or UK, you will be notified. Shoptomydoor will now ship it from US or UK(depend on your adsense country) to Nigeria Address you dropped/filled when creating Shoptomydoor account. Fees Applied, For now it Costs just $10.

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How To Get Started

Firstly, you must create an account with Shoptomydoor at

Once you have registered successfully, Tap on Enter Address To fill your Nigeria Address and Nearby Post Office. You must also verify Nigeria Phone Number.

You have gotten a USA, UK and China Address. To view it, scroll down to the Select Warehouse Location; CHINA, UK And USA you should choose your Google AdSense Country's Account. E.g USA.

Your USA Address will be displayed to you like : 12011 Westbrae Parkway #B STMD - UNIT NG106253 Houston, - 77031. Copy this address to your notepad or stay on this same page.

Next thing to do is filling shoptomydoor form in AdSense

How To Get Started : Filling Shoptomydoor Address Into Your Google AdSense Account 

==> Sign in to your Google AdSense account
==> Click the Menu Icon at the top left of AdSense Dashboard.
==> Tap "Settings" and from the drop down menus, click "Payments"


You will be taken to another page where you can edit and change your Address. Use below format to change your USA AdSense address :

  • Address line 1 : 12011 Westbrae Parkway
  • Address line 2 #B STMD - UNIT NG106253 
  • City : Houston
  • Postal Code : 77031
  • State : Texas 

If it is an existing adSense account, tap the pencil icon to edit your address and if you have requested a pin before, you can "Request New Pin"again and fill the above address.

Once your AdSense Pin gets to USA, Shoptomydoor will pick it and notify you about the arrival. Then you make payment (10$) so that shoptomydoor will ship it to your local address.

NB: UK AdSense Pin takes Just 2-3Days to arrive while USA AdSense takes up to 2-3Weeks.

How To Tell Shoptomydoor About Your Incoming Shipment 

After you have filled Shoptomydoor address into your Google AdSense account, you have to make shoptomydoor know about your incoming shipment. Meaning, you have to tell Shoptomydoor to expect your Pin. To do this :

Sign in your Shoptomydoor Account
Scroll down and click "Tell us about an incoming shipment"

On the next page, fill in the required spaces as shown in the screenshot below.

Finally Click "Create a new shipment"

That's all


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