Sharing Blog Posts Automatically To Google Plus To Get Google+ Traffic & Backlinks When Google Crawls Shared Post

Previously, I made a tutorial on how to share your blog posts automatically to social media. These social medias include facebook(Page, Group.& Profile), Twitter etc using in that same tutorial, i said Dlvr may not allow you to add more social media except you Go Pro which requires money.

Using Dlvr pro version, i have connected my blog posts to all my available social media. But I noticed something while I share my blog posts to Google Plus. Google Plus gives me traffics from Google Search engine for sharing my posts. This also increase my audience in blogging and I will like to share.

Getting this kind of traffic from Google enquires your Google Plus profile to be at least a year old, unless Google may not crawl the posts shared on G+.

How To Get Started

==> Sign in or create an account.
==> Tap the"Automate" tab, click on "Add New Feed"

==> Enter your blog URL or Feed URL in the provided section.
==> Once your feed or  detected, click on the "+" icon. 

==> It will take you to a page to configure how you want your post to be shared. 
  • For "New Items", choose "Share immediately"
  • For "First Post" choose "Post all item(Up to Max)  so that you can share all your previous unshared posts. 
==> After doing that, tap "Connect Social"

==> Select a social media platform "Google+" using the icon. 
==> You will be prompted to choose a gmail account (If multiple gmails are signed to that browser). Now choose the gmail where your Google Plus Profile is attached to. 

Follow the steps till you connect to your blog posts to Google Plus using

That's all


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