How To Share Blog Post Automatically To Social Media Using

Sharing Blog Posts to social media platforms is a way you can boost your blog traffic and improving blog audience. Now that you have created a blog and you keep posting on social media platforms manually, it will look monotonous and might get you frustrated if you don't have views on that same post.

Here, I want to teach you how to share your blog post automatically to social media platforms and here we are making use of Dlvr is a platform that automatically share your blog post to social media platforms like Facebook (Profile & Page), Twitter, Google+, Instagram. Dlvr can also help you post automatically on your other blogging platforms like Tumblr.

There are also other platforms out there for sharing your blog posts automatically to social media platforms for free. Example Is Ifttt. I use Ifttt too Incase Dlvr is messes up.

Automatically sharing your blog posts to social medias will save time so you can face other things after updating your blog or publising new contents.

How To Get Started

==> Go to
==> Create an account by signing up with them. After creating your account, sign/log in.
==> On the dashboard, click the"Automate" tab, click on "Add New Feed"

==> Enter your blog URL or Feed URL in the box. Using feed url is better get one here
==> Once your feed or  detected, click on the "+" icon. 

==> It will take you to a page to configure how you want your post to be shared. 
  • For "New Items", choose "Share immediately"
  • For "First Post" choose "Post all item(Up to Max)  so that you can share all your previous unshared posts. 
==> After doing that, tap "Connect Social"

==> Select a social media platform e.g "Facebook"(icon). 
==> You will be prompted to log in your facebook account so that Dlvr will have access to where they will share posts. Then on this place, you will choose one option, it is either you choose a Page, Profile or Group (Your choice) but as for blogger, choose Page. 

Follow the steps till you connect to your FB Page or anyone you chose.

All your existing posts will be shared automatically and when next you publish a new post on your blog, it will be shared automatically to either your facebook page or group or profile.

NB : You can only add just 3 Platforms using a free plan on Dlvr. But you can add unlimited social media platforms including groups and pages using Premium Plan in Dlvr.