How To SEO Optimize Your New Blogger Blog and Make Google Search Engine Crawl Your Post and Pages

I made a post on how to create a free blog using the best and easy blogging platform which is blogger. Add this, i made a post on how to write posts on a blogger blog, attaching image to the posts, hyperlinking and many more. Today i want to teach you how to SEO optimize your New blogger blog. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This is a technique applied to a blog or website that will make the particular blog hight rank on Google Search engines and other search engines out there like Bing and Yahoo.

If you remember in my post on how to add a blog URL to Google webmaster tool or Google Search console, I mentioned that I haven't made post on SEO. So, this is where i am going to start writing and publishing post on SEO to make google crawl your blog and it contents easily having high ranks.

Before, applying this post to your blog, I will advise you to first of all add your blog to Google Search Console popularly known as Google Webmaster Tool. Read below tinder up SEO for your new blogger blog.

How To SEO Optimize Your New Blogger Blog 

1. Enable Search Visibility on Your Blogger Blog 
This will let google list your blog among sites and also make your blog visible in it search engine. To do this

Step 1 : Log on to your blogger dashboard
Step 2 : Go to Settings >> Basic 
Step 3 : Under Privacy, Tick "Yes" in the options given.

With this, google will add your blog to their listing anf will make your blog visible on search engines particularly google because they own blogger.

2. Add Your URL to Google Index 
Adding your blog URL to Google index will make google index all your pages so when they find related searches, they crawl your posts easily. So,  to this

Step 1 : Visit
Step 2 : Input your blog URL.
Step 3 : Verify Google ReCAPTCHA and finally "Send Request"

Your blog will be index just for a while

3. Enable/Add Meta Tags Search Description 
Enabling meta tags search description will make your blog description get crawled by Google for some related Searches. To do this,

Step 1 : On your blogger dashboard, Go to Settings >> Search Preference
Step 2 : Under the Meta Tags, tap yes, then add your blog search description e.g 'A blog about tech how Tos and many more.
Step 3 : Now save it.

4. Add Robot Txt to Google Console and Blogger blog.
This is another feature that will make your blog rank high in Google Search engine. That is by adding Robot txt to Google Console and your blogger blog. Read below to add Txt to your :

Your Blog 

Step 1 : On your blogger dashboard, click "Settings" >> "Search Preference"
Step 2 : Under Crawling and indexing, edit the custom robot.txt and tap "yes"
Step 3 : Now paste below code in the box provided ;

User-agent: * 

Then save it.

To add robot txt to Search Console : You must have first of all added your blog to Google Search console and verify it. After that you can follow below provided steps to add robot txt to your search console.

Step 1 : Log in to your Google Webmaster tool, them click your website URL on the home page.
Step 2 : Click "Crawl" from the options given anf from the drop down options, click robot txt tester.
Step 3 : Then click on SUBMIT and finally, click on SUBMIT to make google be aware that your robots.txt file has been updated.

5. Set up your blog crawling title. 
This is one of the stuff to apply while setting up SEO for your blogger blog and this requires template edit. On a Norms, the default title settings shows blog title before article and this is not appreciating because you have to display blog article title first before blog title. See how to apply this;

Step 1 : Still on your blogger dashboard
Step 2 : Click Theme section and tap the Edit Html
Step 3 : Now perform a search using Ctrl+F. Then search the html code
 <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> and replace it with;

<title><data:blog.pageName/> - Your Blog Title </title>.com</title>

6. Enabling Blog International Targeting. 

Google wants to know the country you are posting your articles for an that when it is been searched, your site will be crawled accordingly. To do this,

Step 1 : Go to your Google webmaster tool
Step 2 : Click your website url tk enable go to the working page
Step 3 : Click Search Traffics, the from the drop down options, click "International Targeting"
Step 4 : Now, choose your country and save.

7. Enable Custom Robot Head Tag in Blogger
Custom Robot Head Tag does the same worm as Robot txt. They help you grow fast crawls into your blogger pages and might increase pageviews in that process. To do this ;

Step 1 : Log on to your blogger dashboard
Step 2 : Go to Settings >> Search Preference
Step 3 : Under the Crawler and indexing, click edit on custom robot head tag and tick as shown in below image.

Benefits Of These SEO Settings Are

  1. Sites appearing in Search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google search engine and lots more
  2. Alexa ranking will keep decreasing. 
  3. Backlinks keeps increasing.
  4. Your blog will always be indexed and crawled faster. 
  5. Your blog will change as time times goes
  6. Your blog will attract Pageviews 
  7. Your blog will gain more trust from audience.