How To Recover or Restore Deleted Blogger Blog Post

The Kind of bloggers who knows what it takes to write a full lengthy post is one who knows it it means when this posts gets deleted and those are the real, talented and experienced bloggers. What I am trying to say is that, only real bloggers who takes time to compose informative and lengthy contents knows what it means when they find these articles or posts missing.

This tutorial is mainly made for bloggers using blogger platform who has mistakenly delete their blog post and want to get it back by all means. I have finally made this post to help bloggers restore their old or recently deleted blog post(s).

The Only way you can restore your blog post as a blogger using blogger platform is using Google Cache. Cache can also be referred to as web data.

Lots of bloggers don't know that that once a post is published on your blog, Google search engine will create a cache of that post and this contains every details about any particular posts. Therefore, all you need to do to get back the deleted blog post is using Google Search to search the post and getting the data using cache.

How To Get Started

Type below in the Google search engine search section on your browser.

If you don't know the URL of the blog post, use below.

Google search engine will display all your blogger blog posts that has been indexed by the search engine, then search the particular Post that got deleted and click on it.

Also, if you have the title of that post you can still insert this using : post title or post url.

In the search result you will have to click on cache icon below the results.

Then clicked "Cached" button to open your deleted post in the cache version

Publishing The Post

To Publish your deleted post once again,

On that cache page click on CTRL + U then choose view source.

Now you are now in the source page just click on CTRL + FF.

Then input a/the post ID of the deleted post
Example : postID=42440404791494530. Copy it down like Snapshot below;

Now, Sign in your blogger dashboard and click on New post.

On this new post page, blogger will generate another new ID different from others.

So on the editors page browser, replace the deleted post ID with that new ID and click on "Enter" button on your keyboard.

The page will reload then your post will display in the editor page.

However, you can make some changes to the post and add some bread crumbs to it.

Finally, Click on "Publish" button and your deleted blogger blog post will come back to live.

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