Pinging: How To Notify Search Engines That Your Blog Has Been Updated

Pinging simply means notifying search engines that your blog has been updated. By Pinging, you let the search engines know that your blog has been updated with new article(s) or posts and hence, the search engine will crawl and index your site or blog , make your publishee blog contents available on search and this can increase your blog Pageviews and traffics.

There are lot of sites out there that provides this service free of charge. All you just have to do after updating your blogs, is to head over to the websites and send PINGS your Blog immediately.

Some Sites I used in pinging my blog after publishing new contents are :

I mostly use because it is effectively associated with Google Search. Google owns FeedBuner.

How To Ping Your Blog Using FeedBuner 

Step 1 : Before pinging your blog to search engines with FeedBuner, you must have created a feed burner account with FeedBuner and your site must be activated.

Step 2 : Now visit :
Step 3 : Input your URL in the provided section

Step 4 : Click "Ping FeedBuner"
Step 5 : Your Blog will be pinged successfully.

You have now pinged your blog successfully to search engine and your blog contents will be much more available on search engines.


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