How To Get Your Blog Posts Indexed by Google within minutes Using Pingomatic

Pingomatic is a service to update different search engines that your blog has updates. Pingomatic makes Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines index your blog posts or updates so when searched, your site or blog will be listed.

Before making use Of Pingomatic for fast site indexing, you must avoid copyrighted materials or content. This will enable Pingomatic Boost your content updates and will increase your traffics and perhaps SEO.

How To Get Started

To make google crawl your New blog Post, you must have added and verify your blog or site in Google Search Console popularly known as Google Webmaster Tools.

Now, sign-in to your Google webmaster tool dashboard, click on crawl and tap on fetch as google

Then insert your post url and then fetch and submit to index.

See Google Crawl this same posts within 5 minutes

Pinging Your Blog Post

In a previous post, i explained what pinging in SEO means. Pinging simply means notifying search engines that your blog has been updated with new posts or contents. And on the same posts i listed 3 tools I used in pinging my blog. There I mentioned Pingomatic

1. Go to
2. Input your blog name
3. Paste your Post URL in the section saying "Blog Home Page"
4. Lastly input your Blog RSS Feed Url. To get one, click here.
5. Then Click "Send Pings"

Your Pings will be sent automatically to all the search engines you ticked.

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