Ng Adverts Ad Network Review : How To Register and Start Earning

Ng Adverts is a top ad networks in Nigeria. This ad network provides a highly sophisticated online platform for advertisers and publishers of all sizes to meet up and exchange advertisements and traffic in a mutually benificial manner. Joining Ng Adverts, makes Advertisers promote their online businesses via PPC ad and generate top quality leads for websites and for publisher is place where you can create ad unit and paste on your site or blog by monetizing your traffics and earn with valid Clicks on the ads.

If you want to make money with ng adverts, it just two ways and it is been a publisher and also participating in their referral program. These are two ways you could earn money from ng adverts. Ng Adverts is a reliable ad network in Nigeria different from other ad networks that disable your account once you reach threshold. These kind of ad networks are very common in Nigeria. But ng adverts isn't among them.

As a publisher, when you reach threshold of #3000 on your account, you can request payment as quick as possible and it will be granted to you.

How To Register Ng Adverts Ad Network 

Step 1 : Use my referral URL to go to ng adverts official website
Step 2 : Click the Join Us Button, and you will be redirected to a page where to register
Step 3 : Now Fill in all details Correctly : Username, password, first and last name, address, email, website URL. Don't also forget to tick Terms and Conditions and Choose Advertiser & Publisher in account type.
Step 4 : Finally tap "Register" to submit application.

Now confirm your registration by clicking the link that will be sent to your mail.

Then you'll be prompted to log in to your ng adverts account. Here you will be taken to your advertiser account where you will be given #100 free for advert placement.

How To Add Your Site To Ng Adverts 

As a publisher, if you haven't added a site to your Ng Adverts account, you cannot start earning because you wont have access of creating an ad code. To add a site read steps below.

Step 1 : On your publishers account dashboard, click "Sites" and from the drop down options, click "add site"

Step 2 : On the next page, input your details correctly that is your site name, category, description and title. Not necessary to add logo to it.
Step 3 : Once done, click "Submit"

Now wait for at least 24hours for your site to get approved by Ng Adverts. Once it is approved, you will be allowed to create ad code and start earning.

Within this period, you domain will be on pending status and when done, it will be active.

See ScreenShot of my domain approved under 24hours.

Ng Adverts is an alternative ad network to choose while waiting for other ad networks (Google AdSense, etc)  approval. In My Future Posts, I will make a tutorial on how to create ng adverts ad unit and how to paste the code to your website or blog.

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