How To Make Emporio Theme Sidebar Show On Opera Browser

Emporio Theme is a theme in blogger which was recently added to blogger. Emporio Theme is very easy to install but customizing it has been an issue for many blogger user who installed it.

According to source, it is said that while editing emporio theme, if you didn't check your blog on Opera Mini browser to see if it is alright, you are not done editing. Because your blog will appear in Opera Mini browser somehow.

The issue here is that the sidebar always collapse at the bottom of post pages. That is, when you click on a post, the sidebar is seen at the blog bottom, above the footer.

Emporio Theme by default is designed to enable sidebar collapse at the bottom on some browsers according to its width. There is a media query condition in Emporio theme code that is responsible for it. The way you can run this issue is by tweaking your template easily.

How To Get Started

Step 1 : Sign in to your blogger dashboard
Step 2 : Go to Theme > Edit HTML.
Step 3 : Search for
@media (max-width: 1328px) 
Step 4 : Edit 1328px to 640px or to a range of not more than 750px.
Step 5 : Click "Save Theme" to save.

Now view your blogger blog.

It will be like this :

That all, it all simple html tweaking 

Source : Mazinoweb.  

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