How To Use Your TextNow USA Number To Create a US WhatsApp Account in Nigeria

Just recently, i made post on how to get a free USA address and use it to WhatsApp account without paying a dime. In that post I made use of two apps names Primo and TextPlus. I know some readers after the TextNow Post will be asking if they can use TextNow US Number to open USA Whatsapp. Yes you can use your TextNow US Number to create a WhatsApp account. All you need to do is just upgrade your TextNow account to premium so that you can get your verification message forwarded to your local number at ease.

TextNow can be used to get USA WhatsApp account only if it is a premium. I think I gave explained the things to enjoy when you have a premium TextNow account. Also you can make use of two WhatsApp on your phone by downloading GB WhatsApp.

How To Use Your TextNow USA Number To Create a US WhatsApp Account in Nigeria.

Step 1 : Log in into your TVextNow account from your TextNow app. Now to re-get your TextNow US Number, Tap the Menu Icon. Then click The "Settings" icon.

Step 2 : Tap Profile, then on the next page, click TextNow Number and Copy the number.

Using TextNow Number To Create WhatsApp Account

Step 1 : Download GB WhatsApp from Google Search. Install and launch the GB WhatsApp.

Step 2 : Now copy and paste the TextNow US Number into GB WhatsApp. Now you will get your verification code via your local number (which is feature of TextNow premium).

That all, you can now use your US Textnow number to create WhatsApp.