How To Turn On/Off Chat Read Receipt On WhatsApp

Read Receipt is one of the available feature in WhatsApp chat app that notify you that your message has been sent and and read as well. Read receipt is the one that mark your chat blue after messages are been sent on WhatsApp chats. This feature only comes on individual chats, not available on group chat only if members are up to 5 and active.

A time around last year, I had issue with my WhatsApp read receipts not displaying and all my contacts who noticed this were complaining and some would say I Am slying them in one way or the other.

If this feature has been disabled automatically in your WhatsApp, in this tutorial i will teach you how to on read receipt on your whatsapp. 

Step 1 : Click WhatsApp "Tab"
Step 2 : Go to "Settings" in your WhatsApp Account

Step 3 : Click "Account" >> "Privacy"
Step 4 : You will see a message like below
If you turn off your read receipts, you witness able to to read receiptso from other people. Read receiptso are always sent for group chats.
Step 5 : Scroll down and Tick "Read Receipts".

You should be able to see read receipts on your WhatsApp now.