How To Make Money With Your Blog Using Google AdSense

Monetizing a blog using AdVertsing Networks is one of the ways you can make money from your blog. The question here is, Have you started a blog? and you want to make money by monetizing your blog, I will introduce to you, the best online advertising network that pays per click. Google AdSense is a top online platform by Google to enable website or blogger make money with their blog by placing and displaying targeted live ads on their website, then you can now earn when visitors or viewers click your ads. Google AdSense is the best option for blog monetizing which 70% of blogger around the world has opt in for. 

In this post, i will discuss how Google AdSense works : How to apply, how to get approved, things to do before applying, how to earn with it, how to withdraw earnings. AdSense is a PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPC (Cost Per Click) ad network. From Google AdSense, you can earn up to $5000 per month depending on the a site's traffic.

How To Apply AdSense and Get Approved 

There are some criteria in AdSense program which disturbs publishers-to- be from getting an approved account. Before applying AdSense with your blog or site url, there are some task you must and should perform which I will just list below :

1. Getting a TLD (Top Level Domain) for your site e.g .org, .net and .com
2. Publishing Good, Informative and Non-copyrighted contents on your site or blog
3. Domain should be up to at least 4-6 months.
4. Getting Real and quality Traffics
5. Having a good blog or site design.
5. Creating Static Pages like : about, Contact, Privacy policy, Terms and conditions etc..
6. Complying with AdSense policy.

When you apply all these before signing for AdSense, you will surely get approved by Google AdSense in the future. Above Tips are just all they want to be sure about and seeing applying them on your blog will be a small thing in getting approval.

How To Start Earning From AdSense? 

To start earning from AdSense, you have to create an unit then get the code and implement on your blog to display live ads. Once your AdSense is clicked and given an impressions, you will start earning from your AdSense. On a short run I will make more posts on AdSense.

How To Withdraw Your Earnings form AdSense

To withdraw your money or earnings from Google AdSense, you have to verify your account and before verifying your account you must have reached the AdSense threshold of $10 or 10£ for UK AdSense.

Then from there automatically, you will receive a 6 digit Pin from AdSense to verify your account.

To sum it all, for you to receive or withdraw your money from AdSense, you have to reach $100 then you can now get payment method to receive your money.

The best payment method for Nigeira AdSense is using your dollar account. You can receive earnings into direct bank account. For USA or UK, you can withdraw earnings using Payoneer which is a US based company for receiving money From US.

On a long run, I will start posting tutorials on AdSense. Post like :
How To Apply For AdSense and get approval
How To Place AdSense on your blog
How To Place AdSense Ads Inside Blog Posts
How To Create AdSense ad unit code
How To Create Responsive Banner/Text and Link Ads in AdSense.
And lots more....

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