How To Keep Your Android Device Safe From Judy Malware

Few days ago, some Tech research experts made a discovery about a newly planted bug. This bug is said to be currently hiding or staying hidden in the Google's Playstore, and before this buy would affect some Android OS smartphone, i have to tell you how to prevent this bug from attacking you. Prevention is better than cure, so I will advise you to read this post carefully to as not to be a victim.

Judy is an adware generator that is now currently present in 41 applications developed or built by the Korean company named Kiniwini. This adware uses infected devices to generate large and multiple volumes of fraudulent and invalid clicks on ads or adverts, converting into revenue for their creators or builder or developer. Malicious programs totals between 4.5 and 18.5 million downloads.

How To Keep Your Android Device Safe From Judy Malware 

1. Running Updated OS : One way to stay away from Judy Malware is by Updating your device. When your device is updated, the updated software gives you the chance to stay safe as because software updates automatically adds new security firewall and also improve device performance.

2. Installing Antivirus : Another way of preventing your device from Judy Malware is downloading Antivirus app on your Android Phone. With the new malware i will implore you to get an antivirus app on your android device. I recommend Avast Antivirus App, it will notify you of this malware when ready to attack your phone.

3. Avoid Unauthorized App stores : Be informed today that not all app stores are safe to downlaod app from. Judy malware has just reveal that even playstore is vulnerable to getting hit with malwares, therefore be careful of apps store you get apps from.

4. Read App Privacy Policy : Before downloading any app not to talking installing, please make sure you read the app's policy and also make sure you are not giving enough permissions to compromise your Android device.

These are the list of malicious apps developed by Kiniwini. Google has removed the apps from its store. However, if you still have any of the apps on your phone delete immediately.