How To Hide Your Whatsapp Received Media From Your Gallery (Android Only)

It no more news that Whatsapp is the most used messenger app today and has hits over 1 billion downloads on app stores. Whatsapp as a messaging platform records up to billions of messages sent by users daily that is aday(24hrs) in just a day, all whatsapp get up to billions of chats from users from all countries which involves chatting with friends and family individually or group chats.

Now that WhatsApp is now widely used to share informations and medias (Image, Video, Music, Files) online, it has been totally misused in some virtually all part of the country. Sending of unwanted, unbearable files or images on WhatsApp today is now very common especially when you enable automatically media download.

This normally occurs in groups. Sending unacceptable things in a whatsapp group is And if you are the type that don't want to receive these unwanted media message and you will want to stay in the group, I have mad this tutorial to help you.

Here is the question : Have you enable automatic downloads in your whatsapp and you don't want to receive unwanted media that download automatically? This article will help you fix the issue. That is hiding your received medias (audio, video, image) from your gallery.

How To Hide Your Whatsapp Received Media From Your Gallery 

To hide your received and automatically downloaded unwanted whatsapp media, follow below steps :

Step 1 : Go to "File Manager" > SD Card > WhatsApp. Depending on the one you use as storage.

Step 2 : 3 or more folders will be available here when you open the whatsapp folder. Now, rename the folder that has the title "Media" by inserting a dot in front of it to make it an hidden folder just like it his done in this article.

How To View Your Media 

Once you received an important media file and you can't reach it again, just go to : File Manager >> Sd Card >> WhatsApp >> MediaNow check the folders inside the media folder. If the media you want to check is an image, click "whatsapp image" folder to view it, and if it a video, click the "whatsapp video" folder to see it.

What if they aren't opening? 

If your media files aren't opening, that means you have to go back and remove the dot from the media folder via renaming.


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