How To Hide Blur Images On Post Pages of Emporio Blogger Theme

The new Blogger Theme "Emporio" has many thing to deal with if you are a blogger using this theme. Previously I made a post on how to add background Image to Emporio blogger theme. Now another one is making the background image show in blogger blog post instead of been blurred.

Many Bloggers Who have installed Emporio Theme which is among the new blogger themes did not notice that this theme displays blur image on Post pages. This is happens defaultly after you have installed Emporio blogger New theme. , Emporio Blogger theme displays a blurred image on post pages as seen in the snapshot below :

This blur image is nothing but makes your blog post page look blur if using new blogger theme "Emporio". You can hide the blurred image so it displays just your blog background image as seen in the screenshot below:

How To Get Started 
1. Sign in to your Blogger dashboard at
2. Navigate to "Theme" > "Customize" > "Advanced" > "Add CSS"
3. Copy and paste the code below into the box:

.bg-photo { display : none; }}

4. Finally click "Apply to blog" to successfully save the css code. Changes will be made to your blogger blog.

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