How To Hide Any File On Your Android Phone By Creating An Hidden Folder

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Android Phone or devices nowadays have been so much manipulated to the extent that that you can do anything lively with it. Android keeps manipulating everyday because there are lots of updates on website out there performing some tricks on Android.

Today in this tutorial, i want to teach you how to hide files on your android devices. In this tutorial, you aren't going to make use of third-party apps (Es File Explorer) what we use here is just an hidden folder 📁.

What Kind Of Files Can I Hide ?

1. Android App "apk" file
2. Image ( gif, png, jpeg, etc) file
3. Video (3gb or mp4) file
4. Audio (Mp3 file)
5. And other files like doc, docx, txt, etc

    How To Hide Any File On Your Android Phone By Creating An Hidden Folder ?

    Step 1 : Go to your File manager >> SD Card 
    Step 2 : Create a new folder and name it ".HideMyFiles". 

    The dot in front of it will to make the folder become an hidden visible folder. 

    Step 3 : Your work is, start moving the files you want to hide from your android phone in to the ".HideMyFolder"

    Step 4 : Once you are done with moving files, you have already hidden media files to display in media apps. Now you have to also hide that same folder from your File Manager.

    How To? 
    1. On your File Manager, Tap the Option icon
    2. Click "Hide Files"
    3. The all folders with dot in beginning will be hidden AQAP.