How To Get the ID of Any Blogger Blog Gadget

Blogger is one of the most used platform that has been used to create millions of free blog out there. Creating a blog with blogger is very easy and it totally free. It is essential that after you create your blog you need to add some beauty to it and one of them is adding gadgets to your blog. This is done in blogger your Layout tab in blogger dashboard.

However, It is very important for a blogger to know the ID of widgets in your blogger blog. The ID of a widget enables you to customize the particular widget easily especially when using CSS.

Usefulness of Css 

  • Css is a Link List gadget
  • It is been used css to add scrolling effect to your blog 
  • Change the font text, 
  • Add dotted border etc provided you know the id of the gadget.
  • Hide widget on mobile view of blogger new themes. 

Usefulness of blog widget id 

If you make use of "Add a Gadget" link in Layout page to add a widget to your blog, Blogger will generate an id for the widget automatically. This ID won't be shown to you. 

How To Get the ID of Any Blogger Blog Gadget

For instance, you just created a blog and you just added a gadget to your blog by using HTML/Javascript ? Your id name will be HTML1. So how to get it is easy. Read below 

==> Sign in to your blogger dashboard
==> Go to "Layout" section and locate the widget which you want to get the id( you can choose any widget - just for a start) e.g HTML/Javascript
==> Tap the "edit" link of the widget .

Then the widget editing window will pop up like below snapshot -

==> At top of the pop up window, you will see the url of the same pop up tab. Now scroll the url to the end. Here you will get the ID of the gadget. e.g Widgetid=HTML5.

Successfully, you have gotten the id of your blogger gadget. Now you can make use of it to practice above importance.