How To Delete or Draft Blogger Blog Post

Blogger Blogging Platform is a Platform Designed by Google to help upcoming Bloggers Publish their passion their own way. This Blogging platform is created easily for users to create posts, add widget, SEO optimization, disallow spam comments etc.

Deleting a post in blogger occurs when the post is no longer relevant or informative. While drafting post might occurs when you just want to stop the post from displaying on the blog for a while. Take note that when a post is deleted Ij blogger, it can no longer generate views or traffic for you because the link to the page will not be available.

Therefore, if you want to delete post in your blogger blog it very easy because this tutorial is for newbie who just joined blogger.

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How To? 

==> Sign in to your blogger dashboard
==> On the post page, Tick the post you want to delete
==> Click the "Trash" icon as shown in screenshot below to delete your blog post
Make sure you confirm your request.

NB : You can select and delete multiple posts of maximum 50.

==> If you just want to draft the post, just click "Revert to draft", immediately it will be removed from your published posts and be under "Draft"

That's all


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