How To Create a Post on Your Blogger Blog

After creating your blog using blogger blogging platform, you have to start publishing your own passion your way by posting updates on your blog. To post on your blogger blog is very easy but there are some features of posting that are complex. Before posting on your blog, you need to think of a post that you write about and which will be related to your blog niche. For example, if your blog niche is tech related, you have to post on what is related to tech.

Creating post on your blogger blog, you have to know many things about writing. Also be watchful of your sentence and words, check them thoroughly before publishing your post to your blog. On this post, you will learn how to create a Post, upload an image or video, hyperlinking post, coloring text choosing post font and many others. Blogger is very easy to navigate. Even when you see those feelings icon, you will know what it means if you are familiar with PC Apps like MicroSoft Office Word.

How To Create Post On Blogger Blog 

1 : Log in to your blogger dashboard, on the blogger home page, click "New Post" and you will be taken to an editor page where you will be able to write your content.

2 : Here you can start writing your post, write good sentence and correct all spelling error or better still enable Word Prediction on your Android keyboard for better word error correction.

Attaching Images To Your Post 

If you want to attach an image to your blog post, it is very easy. All you need rondo is just check up on your writing page and click the Image Icon. Then from there you can select gallery as your option, then choose your image and upload it.

Attaching Video To Your Post 

If you want to attach a video to your blogger blog post, it is very easy also. Now just click the movie icon at top of the editor page. Now you will see option where you can take an image.

You can choose image from your phone, YouTube, your YouTube channel or Upload.

Upload  : This is a section where you will prompted to upload the video you want to attach to your blog post. To upload, click "choose a video to upload" then tap "Select" to attach to blog post.

From YouTube : This is a section where you can search videos on YouTube. Also you can input a YouTube video url into the box and search the video. The video will display them select it to attach to post.

Your YouTube Videos : This is a section that displays all your personal YouTube videos if the gmail you use to create a blog is attach to a YouTube channel. Then your videos will display here. This will also help if the code you want to attach to post is available in your YouTube channel.

From Your Phone : This section displays images from Google Photo. Then you must have Google photo app on your phone. Get Google Photo on Playstore and get here for PC

This below image is an option where you can search for reals videos on YouTube. Also in the same box, you can input any YouTube video URL and it will be displayed on the list goes you select it.

If you have a YouTube channel link to your associated with the mail you use for blogger, you videos will be available there and you can select from it if available in the channel.

Adding Links/Hyperlinks in Text on Post 

To link a word to another post using your blogger blog post, on the editor page, click LINK, There will be many options there on the pop up page.

1. Text to display : This is the the text you want to display so when people click, it will take them to the link you provide in the landing page.

2. Link : this is a section where you input the URL or link where you want readers to land to. You can also choose what you are linking to : maybe a Web Address or an email address, tick one and fill as required.

3. Open this link in a new window : This is a feature that makes the links or landing page open in a new tab or windows.

4. Add 'rel=nofollow' attribute (Learn more): Nofollow" provides a way for webmasters to tell search engines "Don't follow links on this page" or "Don't follow this specific link."

Changing Text Color or Text Background Color

Changing text color or text background color on your blog post is to indicate to readers a particular text you talking about. To charge text color on Post, select the text first, then click the A icon as shown below.

Then you can click the following or next icon beside to change text background color.

Publishing Your Post To Web

Once you have finish writing a post, the next is to publish. But, before publishing you must preview the post to view what it looks like once published.

Doing all these, scroll to the Top right of your blog editor's page and you will see some buttons there: Publish, Save, Preview and Close. Read the meaning of these buttons below.

Publish : To enable you publish your blog post once you write them finish.

Preview : To enable you view your blog post to see what it looks like once punished.

Save : To Help you save post to draft so that you can leave it and do another thing and come back and meet same posts same way you left it.

Close : To close the blog post editors page for something else.


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