How To Copy Text From Copy Protected Sites on Pc using Google Chrome

Have you ever tried to copy a text from a particular webpage and you noticed it was usucessful, don't be surprised and don't think your PC mouse icon has fault. Not able to copy text from webpages online is because the owner of the webpage has performed some task to disable copying or selecting of text on that webpage. And no one can copy the text when using some browser like operamini, Mozilla Firefox, and many more.

The only solution to site who enabled "do not copy" on the pages is making use of Google Chrome to visit that particular and copying the text successfully using a Chrome Extension called "Allow Text". Allow Text is one of Chrome extension that allows you to select and copy text from copy protected sites or duplicate any data on it with ease.

Utilizing the expansion is exceptionally basic and here's the way you can make use of the "Allow Copy" expansion to handlicap duplicate assurance on any site.

How To Use "Allow Copy" Extension in Google Chrome

Step 1: Launch your Google Chrome Browser on PC. Click Here to activate "Allow Text" extension.

Step 2: Tap on "Add to chrome" to install the extension in Google chrome. Once it is installed the extension will appear in Chrome’s extension bar as seen below.

Step 3: Then, anytime you come across a site that has copy protection enabled and you want to copy from that site, just click on the "Allow copy" extension’s icon and the copy paste feature will be instantly enabled on that site.

To confirm?, The extensions icon should display a green tick whenever the allow copy feature is enabled. That's all and with this, you can now go ahead and copy or duplicate content as you want.

I made this tutorial to help people such as bloggers, students and everyone else who has it in mind to sue this for a legal purpose. I have made all the information on my site free for all readers and I never had it in mind to enable copy protection on my blog. Therefore, i will implore you to please think good before utilizing this extension for something illegal.

On a short run, I will make a post on How To Copy Text From Copy Protected Sites on Android using Google Chrome.