How To Confirm Your Card On PayPal

I wrote a post on how to create PayPal account in Nigeria. I created a new PayPal account and linked my Diamond dollar MasterCard to it. But when making online payments but it was declined. It was a day before yesterday while trying to pay for Domain Ogbongetechs at Godaddy.

Immediately I got a mail from PayPal. I opened the mail sent to me by PayPal as regards to the declined payment, I discovered that I've hit my initial PayPal sending limit of $250.00 USD. All I need to do is to confirm my card to increase my sending limit. Now, i've increased the limit and I've decided to share the process with you.

Confirming your card on PayPal is same as verifying your PayPal account. All you need do, is to find PayPal confirmation code in your bank statement or debit alerts and enter it on the verification page at

How To?

Step 1 : Sign in to
Step 2 : Click on "Wallet" and click on the card you want to confirm. paypal mastercard

Step 3 : New page opens with screenshot of your card and it's details (billing address and expiry date)
Step 4 : Click "confirm credit card" link

Step 5 : New window will open and you will see where to enter the 4 digit code for PayPal verification
Step 6 : Enter the 4 digits code to remove your paypal limit
Step 7 : Click CONFIRM

That all about confirming your card on paypal easy and fast.

So if you have made some unscuessful PayPal payment online, you can add your card and get it done as quick as possible.