How To Backup or Download Theme or Template on Blogger

Theme popularly know as Template in blogger is a thing that design a blog. Template make your blog look creative and attractive to your readers or viewers. Blog design is one of the task to consider before creating a blog. Backing up or downloading your blogger blog template is very good and must be done frequently especially when you want to tamper with your template (You need to backup your theme for recovery. Another reason why you can backup your blog theme is if you want to share your theme or template with friends.

How To Backup or Download Theme or Template on Blogger 

Step 1 : Log in into your Blogger Dashboard
Step 2 : Click "Theme" from the dashboard page
Step 3 : On the page tap "Backup/Restore"

Step 4 : A small page will pop up. Here click "Download theme" button (to download your blogger theme)

Step 5 : Your theme will be downloaded to your computer.

Now, you can share the theme or keep it for restore and recovery.

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