How To Add Background Image To Emporio New Blogger Theme

Emporio Theme is among the new blogger theme available in the blogger dashboard. The Emporio theme is designed to look great on both mobile and desktop and automatically adjust to any screen. Emporio theme is loved by the way it displays blog posts in grids on the homepage and archive pages.

In Emporio Theme Demo Review, i explained that you can upload a logo instead of the blog title and description and you can also add background image to the new Blogger theme but this is not easy. It doesn't require some tweaking on template but requires some research which i am going to post soon.

In this Post, I am sharing a tutorial on how to add background Image to Emporio New blogger theme. When I first installed Emporio Theme, I did some tweakings in my template but I failed while trying to add a background image. Not that I saw an error, but it didn't just work. And after some research, finally I discovered how to add background Image to Emporio blogger theme without stress.

However, if you have installed the new blogger theme "Emporio", and you are trying to add a background image to it but keeps failing this post will help you.

Adding Background Image To Emporio Blogger Theme

Step 1 : Log in into your Blogger Dashboard
Step 2 : Click "Layouts" >> Add  New gadget under the sidebar.
Step 3 : Click "HTML/Javascript"
Step 4 : Copy and Paste below Html code below to the html Box.

<b:includable id='main'>  <style>    /* Hide this gadget. */    #<data:widget.instanceId /> { display: none; }  </style>  <b:if cond='data:skin.vars.body_background.image'>    <b:include name='responsiveImageStyle'               cond='not data:view.isPreview'               data='{                       image: data:skin.vars.body_background.image,                       selector: ".page_body"                     }' />  </b:if></b:includable>

Install Widget Automatically to your blogger blog 

Step 5 : Once you finish pasting the code, Click "Save".
Step 6 : Go back to your Blogger Dashboard and Click the "Theme" tab.
Step 7 : On the page, click "Customize"
Step 8 : Click the "Background" Tab,  remove the current image.

Add a new image that will suit your blog as background. Then, tap "Apply To Blog" after selecting the image you want to use as background.

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