How to add Alexa Rank Widget to Blogger and WordPress Blog To Improve Traffic Rank

Foreign Based Made Site by Amazon : Alexa is a platform to rank blogs or website according to their traffic stats and page views per day. Alexa ranking is well known as a traffic rank position for a list of blogs or websites as published by Alexa. This site is owned by Amazon. Alexa's Job is offering information company that offers blogs / website real information and their personal analytics.

Alexa Widget 

Alexa widget is a widget that display analytics information about your site on your same air. There are two type or alexa widget which are listed below :
  • Alexa Widget Showing Ranks Only
  • Alexa Widget Showing Both Rank And Link(s)
Alexa Rank like i said ealier means traffic rank position for a list of blogs or websites. While the Links in are the links that links into your site.

Alexa Widget :
Alexa Widget Showing Ranks Only ?, copy below :
<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>

Alexa Widget Showing Both Rank And Link(s) ? Copy below :
<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>
Change to your site or blog url

<div style="text-align: center;">
Alexa widget code here

How To Add Alexa Widget To Your Blog ?

For Blogger
1. Sign in to your blogger dashboard
2. Click "Layouts" >> Tap "Add a gadget"
3. On the large text box,
4. Give a title (Optional)
5. Finally, click "Save" button and as for

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For WordPress
1. Go to your WordPress admin dashboard
2. Navigate to "appearance" >> "customize"
3. Click the "Widget Menu" in theme customizer
4. open sidebar to which you want to add an html widget
5. Add New and paste your code

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How To Style Alexa Rank Widget 

There are many style of alexa rank widget which are :

  • Small Square 
  • Vertical rectangle 
  • Vorizontal rectangle 
Therefore, to style your alexa rank for any of the above shapes, read below : 

Replace any of below alphabets with what you see ("a") before the "?url" then defines the style you want to use.

a = small square
b = vertical rectangle : i couldn't provide this quickly but i have the image with me. 
c = Reectanglar.

This widget will now display your rank and links in on your Site or Blog.

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