How To Get Free USA, UK and China Address + Zip/Postal Code for Shipping at ShopToMyDoor

Shoptomydoor is an online shipping company that delivers goods, products or item from USA, UK and China to other countries. Shoptomydoor give you a free USA, UK and China Address when you register. The purpose of this address is to help you ship products in USA, UK and China to any country you are currently and they receive their payment once you confirm your product.

My question is do you need a free International address like Us or UK for Shipping or for other things essential, i will tutor you how to get a free active Usa, UK and china address for Shipping. You can use these address for :-

  • Shipping of Products or Item 
  • Verifying Google AdSense Accounts (US & UK)
  • Creating accounts online and many more.

All in One at Shoptomydoor :
  • Free Usa, Uk and China address and zip/postal code for yourself, signing up for Adsense (US and UK) , verifying AdSense. 
  • Ship your USA or UK Post office item to your current country (Paid)
  • Exchange currency Online

Benefit of Postal Code?

Postal Code is used to locate the nearest Post Office in any country. Looking at Google AdSense aspect, when applying for US or UK AdSense Account, you must fill the postal code because this is where your verification PIN will be shipped to (Any Country).

NB : If you are not in US or UK, you can still get your AdSense Pin Shipped to you in your current countryUsing Shoptomydoor for 10$.

How To Get Free USA, UK and China Address

Go to Create an account with them. Click "Join now" 

When the page open, fill all required details correctly - Names, Email, Password, number and type in the character given. 

Confirm your mail and log in to your Shoptomydoor account. 

Successfully, you will be given free Usa, Uk and china address.
These 3 Country are where Shoptomydoor operate in because sales is high. Their office is in UK, Us and China. 

You have gotten your free USA and UK Address in addition with China's.

If you purposely need this address for getting your Google AdSense Pin, you need to verify your real/current country address. E.g Street no and name, City, State, Postal Code.

For instance, Lagos is a State in Nigeria, Somolu is a city under Lagos State and  and zip or postal code is 100001. You need this so that once your AdSense Pin is already sent to your Usa Post Office, Shoptomydoor will ship it to your real/current country post office ; Shipping Costs 10$.

Have any questions, let me know via the comment box.